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Strategies were adopted to protect the remaining population.

They were segregated onto reserves and missions and forcibly taken off their lands through assimilation policies.

They could not travel without permission and could not vote or own property unless they renounced their culture and cut family ties. During the 1960s they received the right to vote and to citizen ship and in a referendum in 1967 for equal rights received a 90% yes vote. The Aboriginal Flag was also gaining popularity with other Aboriginal rights movements such as the tent city embassy in Canberra.

Australia was also moving away from its white Australia policy that favored predominately European settlement.

Following his reports including a short Aboriginal history along with plants discovered on his voyage the British decided to make Australia a penal colony.

They sent 12 ships in the first fleet to settle on the East Coast of Australia in 1788.

This act is regarded by some as the first settlement of Australia and by others as an invasion of their land.

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They were travelling from Holland to the Dutch Colonies in Indonesia, (the Spice Islands).

Their contact influenced the Aboriginal tribes of Arnhem Land with the introduction of steel, boats, cards and words, which are still in use today.

Capt James Cook, a British explorer, charted the more fertile eastern coast in 1770.

In Aboriginal History settlement mainly occurred in the south around the rivers and more fertile areas.

They formed clan groups /tribes living in a defined area and were limited to the foods available in those areas.

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