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Of his bandmates, he is closest to Carlos, whom he loves to play video games and goof around with.He is described as solid-voiced and driven beyond belief.But in the end Lucy's mom and dad find out the truth so Kendall decides that he, James, Carlos, Logan and Lucy should play the song Cover Girl.While dining with all the guys Lucy holds Kendall's hand which Kendall doesn't mind. In Big Time Merchandise Kendall, and the others, wanted to sell their own better merchandise for Selmart. So Kendall asks Babylace, a made-up mentally impaired fifty-year-old.In Big Time Surprise he and Lucy share their first kiss but are interrupted by Jo who has come back to the Palmwoods, forcing him to decide between the two. After countless failed attempts to impress Jo, the two decide to start anew.When Kendall asks Jo, 'I noticed that you just moved into the palmwoods, and I'd love to take you out some time, like, tonight?He is quite affectionate towards Katie, as she is always there to help him and vice versa.Kendall's mother is the only parent shown on a regular basis while his father is not mentioned.

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They keep the longest relationship on the series until Jo accepts a three-year movie deal to New Zealand and moves there (thus breaking up with Kendall). However, with his friends' help, he is able to get back on his feet.James is shallow, driven, sometimes an airhead, and, like Logan, sometimes panics under pressure, but is a good friend and looks out for his bandmates.He is the second-to-youngest member of the group before Kendall.He is also shown to be overprotective of Katie, revealing that he sees her as a little sister.His mother, Brooke (played by soap opera veteran Lisa Rinna), is considered the "Estee Lauder of the Midwest" for her successful cosmetics line.

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