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His squad beat detainees, and accidentally shot several other civilians.After his deployment, Corporal Manker was kicked out of the Marine Corps with an other-than-honorable discharge — not for anything that happened in combat, but for smoking marijuana to try to quiet his nerves when he got home.Now I see that is rarely the case.”Yale students working with veterans groups have gradually forced the Pentagon to be more open to correcting what veterans groups largely view as unfair discharges.

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He said he had wounded and perhaps killed an unknown number of civilians.

The boards were created after World War II, when Congress recognized that disciplinary decisions made quickly under wartime pressure by military commanders often contained mistakes, and that in the aftermath, veterans deserved an avenue for due process to correct them, according to Jonathan Petkun, one of the Yale students who filed the lawsuit.“We don’t see that happening now,” said Mr.

Petkun, a former Marine captain who served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Army and Air Force have moved in recent years to make it easier for these veterans to get their discharges upgraded to honorable. The office that oversees discharges for the Navy and Marines, the Naval Discharge Review Board, rejects nearly 85 percent of requests for upgrades relating to PTSD, compared with 45 percent for the Army board. Manker, now 36, applied for an upgrade in 2016 and was turned down.

“It seems like the board doesn’t even look at the issues,” he said in an interview.

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