Complete idiotx27s guide to dating

There comes a point in your relationship when you have to decide whether this is "It."In Part 5, "Where Do We Go From Here?

," there's help for making that decision and then lots of information about assistance that is available.

You'll be surprised at how writing things down can help you focus on both the problems and the solutions.

Also, feel free to repeat the quizzes over time, because your attitudes and answers may change, and working at these changes can give you a measure of your growth.

Far too many couples suffer from the seven-year itch (that has been reduced these days to the two-year and even six-month itch), when they no longer feel as excited about each other.

But in a healthy relationship, you are always interested and excited about each other even as time goes on.

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That's why you'll find lots of quizzes and exercises in this book.

Here's more detail about what's in the contents: Part 1: The Signs of a Healthy Relationship1 What Makes a Relationship Healthy? Find out what kind of lover you and your mate are, and learn how to resolve love style conflicts. Find out how much you and your mate really have in common and how to get on the same wavelength. Consider your relationship a team[en]in order for you to win in love, you and your partner need to work together. Test your communication skills and learn how to speak clearly, listen actively, and provide good feedback to each other.

Discover the keys of sounds, sights, and feelings to a healthy or unhealthy relationship. Part 2: The Secrets of a Healthy and Lasting Relationship 5 A Healthy Self First Learn why you have to be a healthy individual first in order to have a healthy relationship. 9 Commitment[en]Getting Cold Feet to Warm Are you ready for the big "C"?

From my years of counseling couples, I've learned that in order to find true health in life and love, you need to be open enough to share what is deepest on your mind and in your heart with someone who really cares. Research proves it[en]the more love you feel, the more emotionally healthy you are, the stronger your immune system, the more physically healthy you are, and the longer you'll live.

Then, you should be known, appreciated, and loved for who you are[en]at your core! Reading The Complete Idiot's Guide to a Healthy Relationship will certainly be valuable to those of you already in a relationship.

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