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When we can, we like to decide within a day, but it never takes us more than a couple of days.As soon as your application is approved the loan will be transferred to your account, leaving you free to clear your debts and stop worrying.will enable you to clear multiple debts at once and to relax in the knowledge that you now have just the one regular repayment to organise.Once you’ve provided us with all of the information we ask for we’ll come up with a decision as quickly as possible.We also offer free educational resources on our website, where you can learn more about things like budgeting, saving for retirement, managing money, and the relationship between credit card debt and bankruptcy.Our counselors are available six days each week via phone, or in person.And it allows us to seek reductions in interest rates and finance charges on your behalf, helping to reduce the amount you owe so you can pay it off faster.That’s why we offer quick, money-saving credit card consolidation.

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When it comes to debt resolution, one highly effective alternative to a credit card consolidation loan is a debt management program.

At ACCC, our debt management program involves consolidation of all of your monthly payments to credit card companies into a single payment to us, and we pay each of your creditors for you.

This not only simplifies your life financially, but helps to make sure you're paying your credit card bills on time each month.

Why pay higher interest and make more payments each month than you have to?

Apply for your loan now or you may also call us at your convenience at 305.324.4004 or stop by our office.

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