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All documents regarding legal divorce, certificates in cases of divorces, certificates of widowhood etc, must be duly certified by a competent authority of your country (i.e.

the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or a licensed attorney, solicitor, or notary etc.) as a true and valid document for the period of the application for civil marriage in the intendedmarriage is under 18 years of age and is not a widow or a widower, he or she needs the written consent of the father, or if he is dead or incapable of consenting, the written consent of the mother.

If both are dead or incapable of consenting, then the lawful guardian of such party must give written consent to the Marriage Officer before a Marriage Certificate may be issued.

The Valentine’s Day event is open to anyone over the age of 18 and guests will be provided with a cookie and drink.

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If you wish to avail yourself of this express service, please contact us explaining your time constrictions and the reason for such constraints. There a small extra charge for this service, as there is if you need witnesses, which we can of course supply.

If you feel at all nervous about your pre marriage appointment, we can accompany you and lead you through the process, having explained the procedure in full.

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