Did rupert grint dating georgia groome

Unfortunately, the couple decided they did not want to be engaged, and split up. Gred and Feorge (they actually refer to themselves by that term in the first book, the Sorcerer’s Stone). These two are quite interchangeable, and that’s why even thought this section is about Fred, we’re going to talk about George as well.And even more perfect is the fact that the actors who play them are also twins – James and Oliver Phelps.But we don’t have to feel too bad for Dean, because in real life, his alter ego isn’t doing too bad of a job in the love department.Indeed, Enoch has been allegedly dating Aja Naomi King, his fellow actress and co-star on the TV drama How to Get Away With Murder.But our love for them becomes painfully obvious when Fred dies in the seventh installment.In the Goblet of Fire, Fred Weasley takes out Angelina Johnson to the Yule Ball, and in real life, he has enjoyed some success in the love department as well.Like his brother James, Oliver was able to find love off the set of Harry Potter, and they both have this is common that they are both still happily married to their respective wives.

Being the Hufflepuff seeker, he actually hands Harry his first, but being the fair player that he is, he admitted that the reason Hufflepuff won was because of the presence of the dementors at the Quidditch match.Hey there friends, welcome back to your favorite magical place on earth – the Harry Potter universe!The world of butterbeer and Patronuses, where broomsticks fly and glasses can be repaired by the flick of a wand.In fact, off the set of Harry Potter he dated a lovely young lady by the name of Simone Burke, an American film producer who has worked on reality TV series such as Breaking The Faith.But Phelps was able to find someone new since then – a woman named Annika Ostle, who he would eventually marry.

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