Nixon dating woman

Where Cuomo points to the realities of overhauling a decrepit subway system and talks of “deferred maintenance,” Nixon vows to get it done whatever the cost.“We need to invest in our infrastructure,” she said at her birthday party, to cheers. ” While victory is a long shot — the governor enjoys a million war chest, support among unions and other factions, the incumbent bias in underattended primaries, and a 43-point lead in the first poll — it’s not out of the question.Like many liberals, Nixon was shocked and shaken by the outcome of the 2016 election, and while she’d gone to the Women’s March, wearing a pink pussy hat and saying Washington had “better think twice about messing with women,” it hadn’t seemed like quite enough.

“He slashed taxes on the wealthiest, and he’s slashed services on everybody else.And: “There actually a part,” Nixon admitted recently, sitting on a barstool in her Noho kitchen on a weekday morning. But instead of playing a politician, Cynthia Nixon has decided to become one, a choice many have found confounding.It was playing a female politician, she said, and it was good, and although she declined to say who the character was, looking at her layered bob (several shades lighter than the red she’d had as Miranda on ), intelligent blue eyes, button nose, and Cool Whip complexion, you wouldn’t have to be a genius casting director to figure it out. Who would trade all of this — the career, the apartment, the comfortable distance from reality — for glad-handing, and stale coffee in Styrofoam cups, and answering for a number of decades-old The main reason, she said, is Donald Trump.“It felt like if we wanted to fight against the Trump agenda, we really had to do everything we could to get involved.Including running for office.” Styling by Alicia Lombardini; Hair by Marc Mena for Exclusive Artists using Dove Hair Care; Makeup by Matin using Chapstick/Tracey Mattingly; 14-karat-yellow-gold-and-garnet earrings by Leslie Paige available at Broken English.” she said, her voice getting stronger as she slipped into candidate mode.

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