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When losing that person is your biggest fear, everything else seems pale in comparison.You have the ability to push past obstacles and go after goals in other parts of your life.My urge was to run before I got any deeper, but thankfully, I had some amazing friends who helped talk me through it all. Fast-forward to now: I fall more in love with him every day. I have traveled around Europe by myself, I am a motivational speaker, I run a business and out of accomplishing all of that, none of it has scared me as much as this does.But with every step I take, there is a hint of fear. For the first time in my life, I have invested myself emotionally and fully in a relationship. This adventure has made me rethink every relationship I have ever been in.

They miss the intimacy and partnership and don’t want to live their lives without it.

I reflected on some of the things I have noticed and learned since we started dating.

Here are four thoughts on why a little bit of fear is a good thing for relationships: We've all had relationships in which we have taken things for granted.

If you don't care whether you are together or not, you probably shouldn't be with that person. You don't put your money behind something you don't believe in.

If someone had asked me to bet on some of the relationships I've had in the past, I would have bet against myself.

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