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In retrospect, she realizes, "I just needed to be myself." That mistake is frequently made by her peers on the spectrum, she says."Sometimes when you like someone, you want to do things for them, including changing who you are so they will like you better.But sex is my all time favorite, I want to be teased and pleased.I love giving and receiving, and I'm dd/free and expect the same.April has been designated Autism Awareness Month, a time for education and offering living examples of hope and tolerance.Buchanan praised Gravino for speaking out and called her "one of a few people willing to speak candidly about her challenges." When Gravino entered her first serious relationship during college, she says, she had no idea what to do, so she tried to mimic the girlfriends she saw on TV.She points out that many girls are never diagnosed with autism because they are able to mask their symptoms.Low expectations are a constant challenge for people on the spectrum.

On at least one occasion, they urged her to kill herself. Her parents were concerned about her meltdowns and took her to various specialists who were perplexed.

Give it time." She notes that it's not uncommon for men on the spectrum to be accused of "stalking" when they believe they're just being friendly or romantic.

Autism affects development of the brain in areas governing social interaction, communication and cognitive function.

Today Gravino is a wiser woman for that catastrophe. She is also on the board of directors of "Yes She Can," which does job training for women on the spectrum.

She has spoken twice on United Nations panels on World Autism Awareness Day.

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