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You cannot Love a person when you have lost so much respect for them any longer!!! You cannot expect Love from someone that has no LOVE for anyone !!!I Walked away and I did pray to God to take my feelings away from me and you know what he did !!!Those questions have taken up more of my time and brain power than I ever think I’ll be comfortable enough to admit.If I would have taken a fraction of the time that I’ve spent pondering those questions to learn a new language, I could have written this post in 9 different languages by now.I was missing the the passion, being the one he chose, being a project coordinating mommy, the highs and lows, the makeups, the security of having a boyfriend, the dream, the “he’s the one!

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he has a new flame), but since your programs are set on “validation seeking mode,” instead of taking that information to motivate you to move on, you use it as an anchor to sink is why you always end up f*cked over and alone.even if it is just a “hello” To me it sounds like a big game.. I was a fool and it took me almost 4 years to change my number and leave without a word.He started off so caring and attentive when he first moved there and reassured me everything would be ok. I guess they got to him, didn’t want their meal ticket running off. Ultimately decided in march we shouldn’t move in together.Made complaints that I have never heard him say before.I blame him and his blood sucking ghetto ass sister. I walked away from a 3 year relationship with the Ultimate F*ucktard!!!

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