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Castle Hotel & Spa is a romantic spa getaway from New York City.

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If you are looking for ideas from other cities, we've already written about best weekend getaways on the East Coast and in the United States.

Address: 674 Thayer Road, West Point, NY, Phone: 845-446-4731 Set in a historic 1880s homestead, Shinn Estate Farmhouse is one of the top wine country weekend getaways from NYC.

Surrounded by undulating farmlands in Mattituck, NY, this beautifully restored farmhouse offers a tranquil and secluded escape from the city.

I've never seen a person with that many stab wounds. So you want that person to be held accountable.'They had an opportunity to administer and tweak the drugs that might affect her psychology,' he said.

'The end conclusion was that she suffers from a mental illness that kept her from being able to form the ability to know right from wrong -- both legally and morally.' 'It will be until these state doctors determine that she is no longer a risk or threat to herself or the community. It could be the remainder of her life,' Brauchler added.'These are tough decisions on their face,' Brauchler said, 'because you have someone who committed such a violent act of murder against a completely innocent and defenseless woman.

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