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On 24 May von Lossow failed in his attempt to mediate between Transcaucasia and Ottoman Turkey, and on that same day he reached a secret agreement with Georgia to grant her protection when she declared herself independent. Turkey would hardly dare to attack another ally of her senior partner (although on one brief occasion, this did indeed happen).

The following day von Lossow sailed from Batum, with the documents necessary for the treaty, to arrive at Poti a day or so later, after Georgia had declared her independence.

"All these years that I have been Cardinal," he said, "Monsignor Stonor has been a friend indeed, for he has let me make use of him whensoever and for whatsoever I have chosen, and I don't know what I should have done without him." One name more there is to mentionand it belongs to America, where though our Cardinal had so many friends, one was pre-eminently suchthat of Bishop James O'Connor, Bishop of Omaha, whose unaffected kindness was most grateful to our Cardinal, lasting as it did through all but the whole of his Catholic lifetime.

For Bishop James O'Connor the Cardinal had a great affection, remembering always, with something of gratitude, the modesty and simplicity with which, as a youth, the future Bishop attached himself to him and to Father St.

To you, boys of the Oratory School, past and present, this collection of devotional papers by Cardinal Newman is dedicated.

They are a memento both of the Cardinal's constant thought of you, and of his confident assurance that, after his death, you would pray for his soul.

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Cardinal Capecelatro, a member of the Oratory at Naples, had from his early life been unremitting in his kindness to our Cardinal, though in this case also they were personally unacquainted until they met in Rome in 1879, when both were there for promotion to honour.The "Dream of Gerontius," if not written expressly for the volume, was to have been added as a November reading, and "Gerontius" was likely not to have stood alone as a poem.Indeed, the book would have become a repository of the Cardinal's thoughts on the various devotional subjects which occupied his mind. All, then, that has been possible towards carrying out the Cardinal's intention has been to put together such papers as, from what was said by the Cardinal, are considered as likely to have come within the compass of the contemplated volume.Again, some sermons would also have formed a part of the readings.A scheme, drawn out by him, of Litanies to run through the whole year shows what he had thought of in that respect, though only the few here printed were put together by him.

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