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In January 2009 the pair met in a park and Yeoman took the girl back to her flat, kissed her on the sofa and touched her.The girl visited the flat every other weekend during the summer and sexual activity took place, the court heard. The affair finally came to light during a writing workshop school trip in March this year when teachers found messages to the pupil on Yeoman’s phone and read their declarations of love for each other and a reference to a sexual incident.

Yeoman, who taught the pupil, had sex with her in her flat after they began chatting online and exchanging text messages, Leeds Crown Court heard.

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Mr Ritchie said she then told police sexual activity had taken place eight or nine times, adding: ‘She had always considered herself heterosexual and never had feelings like this for a girl.’Yeoman admitted ten sexual offences including performing sexual activity with a child, inciting a child to engage in sexual activity and breaching a position of trust.

The pupil, now 17, has said she wants nothing to do with Yeoman and is keen to move on with her life, the court heard.

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