Updating filter

If someone's added you back, you'll be able to view their Snapscore.

But if they've deleted you, or you're following a celebrity who hasn't added you back, then you can't.

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You can customise your pictures and selfies, or send live updates throughout the day – making the app especially popular among teens and young adults, reality TV stars and bloggers.

The main age range is 13-24 and the app, which works on both i Phone and Android, is more popular among young women than men.

Because the app targets an increasingly distracted generation, pictures tend to be taken hastily and don’t have the same polished look of snaps posted on rival social media sites Instagram and Facebook.

With a jump from my girlfriend’s car, I drove directly to my local Honda Dealer in Culver City, California.

The service adviser suspected that the CR-V might have a faulty cell in the battery, and sure enough, an inspection revealed that it was necessary to replace the battery with a new one, the cost of which was covered under warranty.

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