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So when they both left, I sort of lost my passion for it.

STEREOGUM: I was a huge fan of the Gutter Twins album that you and Mark Lanegan did eight years ago.

A lot of my aunts and uncles and grandparents listen to country music all the time, so I had a whole lot of stuff that I was influenced by and turned on by to be penned down by one type or style of music. STEREOGUM: Now with the Twilight Singers and Afghan Whigs and your other projects, you’ve had this celebrated career with lots of albums that people have said great things about, but it does seem that in your body of work, No. Have you thought, “I don’t know, maybe naming a song ‘Retarded’ wouldn’t be the best move today? STEREOGUM: As a person who was alive and working in the ’90s, what do you think of the ’90s nostalgia you see today?

I mean, first of all, even if that were true, what could I do about that? That I said this or that about a relationship or whatever? ” Again, “Retarded”…that song in particular is not about a special-needs person. Everything old becomes new again, and the dog eats its tail.

I love playing with John; he’s one of my oldest and best friends.He was such a huge part of the original version of the band.Was it kind of weird trying to figure out a way without him?It has that ‘70s symphonic soul sound that you’d never quite done before. ] and it was loosely based on the David Ruffin story, who was one of the original singers of the Temptations.It bears a resemblance to a style that the Temptations began to explore in the late ‘60s and early ‘70s. It’s very well-documented, my affection for symphonic soul and certainly the Norman Whitfield productions, the Gamble and Huff, Philadelphia productions as well, lots of strings, and horns. So I think “Blame, Etc.” was my homage to a certain style and sound of long ago.

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