Who is kim from real housewives of atlanta dating

After yet another tumultuous season, the women of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” have plenty to discuss. Then all hell breaks loose when Kim Zolciak comes out onto the couch, immediately throwing shots. Things reportedly got so intense that Eva Marcille said that if the women didn’t calm down, she would have a reunion baby.

Kandi still has feelings about the way Porsha lied on her name, Marlo is questioned about her businesses. IN a clip where we can’t tell who she’s addressing, Zolciak says, “Jealousy’s a disease. ” She reminds the women that she has her own show, I guess to convince them that people are interested in her life and her family. Take a look at the teaser for the show in the video below.

"I know that she would have given that information to Kim." Cynthia added Shereé "absolutely" plays favorites with Kim because "Kim is her girl," and "Shereé just kinda goes with whatever Kim says." "If I'm friends with someone and that person's right, they're right," Cynthia said.

"But if they're wrong, I don't have a problem saying it." Another bone Cynthia felt Shereé should have given was to Kandi Burruss.

During the same exchange in which Kim showed Shereé the video daughter Brielle Biermann took of bugs in Ne Ne's bathroom, she also told her that Kandi once tried to "lick her box" -- a claim Kandi vehemently denied. So if Shereé is gonna be the bone collector, she should give everybody their bones." Regarding her relationship with Will Jones -- another one of this season's leading storylines -- Cynthia said the two are currently just "friends." "We kind of slowed down. "It was very overwhelming for him to watch the show and see how everything played out, which is expected.

Her people reached out to me to do the remix, and I wanted to.Whitfield is not the only casualty in the end-of-season bloodletting.Kim Zolciak, sources told The Shade Room, won’t be returning either.Zolciak wasn’t a full-time “housewife” for season 10 to begin with, so technically she didn’t get fired; they just informed her that her service won’t be needed moving forward.Shereé Whitfield has often been referred to as the "bone collector" on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta," but co-star Cynthia Bailey feels she doesn't always deliver them.

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